He wrote two books Taswir zindagi ke and chalni mien paani.


He did several movies like Rakhwala and Saugandh maiya ke.


He won several awards like Bhojpur Gaurav Samman and best t.v anchor and many more.


He has done several events like bhojpuri samaj in U.K


Bhawuk's real name is Manoj Kumar Singh. He is one of the four children of Ram Deo Singh and Sunaina Devi, his birthplace is Kausar, a small village in Siwan district of Bihar.

Early life

Bhawuk studied engineering at the Central Institute of Plastics Engineering and Technology and has worked as an engineer in Pearls Polymers Ltd. India, Rwenzory Beverages Ltd. Uganda and Hadam Water United Kingdoms for many years. After quitting engineering job, Bhawuk returned to his homeland to pursue his dream in media and television industry. Formerly, Bhawuk's journey started with Patna Doordarshan almost a decade and a half ago as a journalist. In 1998, he made a foray into acting with first Bhojpuri serial Saanchi Piritiya. Next year, Bhawuk came ahead to write full serial Tahre se Ghar Basaib for Doordarshan. Bhawuk got his proficiency in writing poetry and research work on Bhojpuri drama and films.[9] Meanwhile, He wrote many books, prominently Tasveer Jindagi ke which bagged him award.

In 2008, when Bhojpuri cinema was witnessing revolution of new channels and big productions houses coming in, Bhawuk joined Hamar TV as a programming head. After ending four years long creative journey with Hamar TV Bhawuk associated with a Bhojpuri GEC Channel Anjan TV as an executive producer. In his working span with Hamar and Anjan TV, Bhawuk proves his talent in fiction and non-fiction shows. Bhawuk penned as well as acted and hosted many shows i.e. Film Vishesh (Panel Discussion with Film Stars), Batkahi (Celebrity Chat show), Box-Office (Film Reviews) Kavyanjali (Poetry Show) & Kaise Kahee (Chat Show with Doctors). Bhawuk entered in a new role of creative consultant with Mahuaa Plus, the most popular Bhojpuri channel.

Multi-Talented man

Brilliant Student

Manoj Bhawuk was a brilliant student who showed his natural predilection for art and literature from his student days. He acted in the various plays staged by the leading theatre groups in Patna and received accolades for his acting. Sixteen years ago, he started his career as a journalist and in 1998 acted in the first Bhojpuri Serial ‘Sanchi Piritiyaa’ and in 1999 again was associated with the serial ‘Tahare Sanghe Ghar Basaib’ as a script-dialogue writer and lyricist.

Brilliant Actor

When we talk about the present state of Bhojpuri Cinema, ruefully he says- “There is a directionless situation and anonymity of Bhojpuri Film industry, and he is more concerned about how one can prove his/her own identity.” He is very keen in making good Bhojpuri cinema to show the Bhojpuri presence worldwide. Mr. Bhawuk has done intensive research about the success journey of Bhojpuri

Brilliant poet

Manoj Bhawuk is also known as the ’Encyclopedia of Bhojpuri cinema’.His research paper on the scope and future of Bhojpuri drama “Bhojpuri Natak ke Sansar” was published by Bhojpuri academy. It is a pioneering work in the field of Bhojpuri theatre and has been included in MA (Bhojpuri) course. Bhawuk is regularly contributing to Bhojpuri Magazines such as “Vibhor” and “Bhojpuri Academy Magazine”.

View About Bihar Cultre

Hindi, Maithili, and Urdu are the official languages of the state, whilst the majority of the people speak one of the Bihari languages, like Bhojpuri or Magadhi. Bihari languages were once mistakenly thought to be dialects of Hindi. However, more recently, they have been shown to be descendants of the language of the Magadha kingdom (Magadhi Prakrit), along with Bengali, Assamese, and Oriya. It is difficult to ascertain the number of people who speak Bihari languages due to unreliable sources. In the urban region, most educated speakers name Hindi as their language because it is what they use in formal contexts. They may also believe this to be the appropriate response[citation needed]. The uneducated and the rural population of the region assign Hindi as the generic name for their language. Despite the large number of speakers of Bihari languages, these languages have not been constitutionally recognized in India, only exception being Maithili, which is recognised under the Eighth Schedule. Hindi remains the language used for educational and official matters in Bihar."Bihari" is actually the name of a group of three related languages—Bhojpuri, Maithili, and Magahi—spoken mainly in northeastern India in Bihar. These languages were legally absorbed under the subordinate label of "Hindi" in the 1961 Census. State and national politics are thus creating the conditions for language endangerment.[3] Hindi was first successfully spread to Bihar in 1881. In the ensuing struggle between the competing Hindi and Urdu languages, the potential claims of the three large mother tongues in the region (Maithili, Bhojpuri and Magahi) were ignored. After India gained its independence, Hindi was again given sole official language status through the Bihar Official Language Act of 1950

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